Knighton Mead Primary Academy

Knighton Fields Road West

0116 2330666

Academy Information

Knighton Mead Primary Academy is a small inner-city primary school located just south of the City of Leicester.

Children get one chance for an education and at Knighton Mead we want this to be the very best. There is a driving determination to ensure that all pupils and adults reach their full potential. Through the development of positive learning behaviours (5Rs and Character Muscles), we aim for all of our children to leave with the skills necessary for successful, lifelong learning. Learning is celebrated and openly admired. We work and learn together, alongside parents and carers.


Jenny Slinger has been principal at Knighton Mead Primary Academy since August 2019, after becoming acting principal in January 2019. Prior to that, Miss Slinger was Vice Principal at Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy.

Jenny has worked in Leicestershire and then the London Boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets, before returning to work in Leicester City. She supported the development of NQTs and maths across Tower Hamlets as part of their school improvement team during her time there and currently holds SLE status for maths. Jenny is passionate about the use of coaching models and the development of leadership skills for all.

Since taking on the role of principal, Jenny’s core focus is driving forward excellent teaching and learning through an enriching, responsive and inspiring experience for all children during their time at the academy. She is driven by the desire  for all pupils to have a strong sense of belonging and their valued role in the Knighton Mead family, supporting high aspirations for the future.

Jenny Slinger