Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy

Roborough Green
Thurnby Lodge

0116 2413756

Academy Information

Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy is a happy, stimulating and caring place that expects high standards of behaviour and good manners throughout the school.

Willowbrook Mead Primary has well-resourced, spacious rooms and attractive surroundings. The extensive school grounds have been developed to support learning, providing an exciting and safe environment for all children to enjoy. The school has a nursery for 3 year olds that is fully included in school life and prepares the children well as they move on to Reception.

There is a driving determination to ensure that children and adults in the school thrive and be the best that they can be. Dance, drama, sport, school visits and musical opportunities are a core element of the school’s curriculum. Willowbrook Mead Primary offers a breakfast club every morning and provide a range of after school activities for its children.

The school looks to find every child’s talents, abilities and strengths and build upon them.


Hannah was appointed principal of Willowbrook Mead in August 2022 although she has worked at the school for many years. She started her career as a member of support staff before becoming a teacher and has held several leadership posts at Willowbrook before taking on headship.

Hannah is a Challenge Partner trained reviewer and considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to visit other schools to further develop her own CPD. She is passionate about inclusion and removing barriers to learning so that every child is able to succeed in school, have their talents celebrated and have staff who champion them to achieve their full potential.

Hannah Sandy-Sharpe