Mead Awards Celebration

We have some truly remarkable and determined individuals working and studying in our Mead schools, and we had the great pleasure of honouring 42 of them at the first ever Mead Awards on June 21st at Rushey Mead Academy. By all accounts everyone had an excellent evening. In addition to the awards, a highlight was the musical entertainment from students at Castle Mead, Rushey Mead and Kibworth Mead Academies. A big thank you goes to our sponsors, recruitment specialists Propelo and Shakespeare Martineau law firm, for supporting us so generously.

Awards were handed out to individuals who embody each of the 7Cs, which are TMET’s values: Challenge, Character, Collaboration, Community, Courage, Creativity, Culture. Congratulations go to all the pupils and staff who were nominated by their schools, and to the finalists and winners. We can’t wait to do it again next year!


Finalists for the Mead Awards 2022 (overall winners are starred)


Challenge Award

Staff finalists: Lauren Bickley, Kestrel Mead; Aysha Isat, Rowlatts Mead; Grahame Smith,* Central IT Team

Pupil finalists: Sebastian Duda, Thurnby; Minal Shashikant,* Rushey Mead; Sally Smith, Kibworth Mead

Character Award

Staff finalists: Rhian Comley,* Orchard Mead; Shirin Patel, Abbey Mead; Amy Turner, Castle Mead

Pupil finalists: Fiorella Cecchini, Castle Mead; Mustafa Habib, Abbey Mead; Amani Naazar,* Thurnby Mead

Collaboration Award

Staff finalists: Gemma Bartlett, Rushey Mead; Haylie Lowe, Kestrel Mead; Rebecca Smith,* Knighton Mead

Pupil finalists: Alfie McKinnon, Thurnby Mead; Yug Rana,* Fosse Mead; Ram Yadla, Rushey Mead

Community Award

Staff finalists: Misky Ibrahim, North Mead; Paul Ng-Bell, Castle Mead; Melanie Miles,* Thurnby Mead

Pupil finalists: Amina Ahmed,* Castle Mead; Ruby Johnson, Kestrel Mead; Tobias Walters, North Mead

Courage Award

Staff finalists: Nadine Handford-Glaze,* Fosse Mead; Abigail Hudson, Kestrel Mead; Alison Moss, Orchard Mead

Pupil finalists: Lara Dawda, Kibworth Mead; William Hawkins-Oldfield,* Knighton Mead

Creativity Award

Staff finalists: Racheal Ma, Kestrel Mead; Verity Reid,* North Mead; Emma Topley, Orchard Mead

Pupil finalists: Jesse Moore, Brook Mead; Ayana Pancholi,* Rushey Mead; Shara Sutharsan, Abbey Mead

Culture Award

Staff finalists: Gemma Bailey-Bridges,* Orchard Mead; Sarah Creed, Rowlatts Mead; Kylie Wheatstone, Kestrel Mead

Pupil finalists: Arush Lal, North Mead; Muzammil Natha,* Thurnby Mead; Harry Singh, Orchard Mead


Our musicians on the evening were Niky Pattni, Rushey Mead (pianist); Lucy Bosworth, Kibworth Mead (pianist); Ronnie Gohil, Rushey Mead (flautist); Areanne Bahadi, Castle Mead (violinist); and Tiasha Battachrya, Rushey Mead (vocalist)

24th June 2022