Supporting vulnerable pupils’ transition from remote to onsite learning

Throughout the pandemic TMET has been focusing on the way it supports its vulnerable pupils. Schools individually, as well as a Trust collectively, have tailored, created and assessed the interventions needed to ensure adequate support for individual pupils and their families.

An example of this was the transition offer provided to vulnerable pupils from remote to onsite learning in February 2021. To support schools in providing a substantial and consistent offer to all vulnerable pupils, a ‘SEND and Vulnerability Survey’ was completed by all SENCos (Special Educational Need Coordinators) and Pastoral Leads across the Trust, as a tool for staff reflection but also to collate an accurate picture of how vulnerable pupils were being supported.

Questions were asked about pupil information distribution (from offsite to onsite), support offered to vulnerable pupils through remote learning, concerns that staff had for vulnerable pupils in returning to onsite learning, and how staff planned to address these.

In February, the survey results were shared with SENCos and Pastoral Leads across the Trust in an online meeting chaired by Sophie Tales and Cleo Redmond of the TMET Primary Intervention Team. The meeting discussed key concerns highlighted within the survey and how best to tackle these challenges.

Each school highlighted an area of strength that they felt confident would have a positive impact on vulnerable pupils within this transition time. Staff were asked to track this area of best practise over transition to then showcase at a meeting later in the term.

On 15th April, two weeks after pupils had returned to onsite learning, SENCos and Pastoral Leads from each school came together virtually to present their best practise area. Presentations included: student mental health, staff wellbeing, ASD reintegration support, SEMH transition support and individual ‘vulnerable’ student case studies.

The SENCO Showcase was a great success in bringing staff together to discuss concerns and magpie ideas from one another, as well as a giving staff a platform to praise the great work being completed within their school to support their most vulnerable. The showcase will continue to be a part of the inclusion offer across the Trust next academic year as a model for shared practise and further development.

27th May 2021