The Mead Educational Trust set to open new secondary school in Leicester in August 2021

We are pleased to announce that we will be opening our next secondary school within the city in late August 2021.

The new school, which will be called Brook Mead Academy, will open in September 2021 for 240 Year 7 pupils. It has a citywide catchment so all families within the city are able to apply for a place.  The school will grow organically each year to a full capacity of 1500, with year groups of 300 from 2023.

The school will be situated in the west of the city, having secured a large site on the corner of Fosse Road North and Groby Road. This means the school will benefit from excellent transport links across the city and county.  While the permanent school is built, Brook Mead has been able to secure high quality temporary accommodation on the existing Castle Mead site in the heart of the city near the Highcross shopping complex.

The founding group of Year 7 pupils will have a special experience, as they will be able to shape the design of their new building and see it come to life over the next two years. They will also be the only year group on the site in its first year, as the school will grow each year, recruiting pupils afresh until all year groups are recruited by 2025. As a founding cohort, they will have the unique experience of being the oldest year group in the school throughout their time at Brook Mead. This helps parents with any worries over the transition to a secondary school as the experience will be unique with staff able to devote themselves to the needs of the founding Year 7 cohort without any worry about other year groups.

Rita Hindocha, who has worked alongside Tom Hague in setting up Castle Mead and overseen developments at Orchard Mead Academy, will be the founding principal of Brook Mead Academy, bringing with her a wealth of experience in securing the best education for pupils.

There will be a strong emphasis on providing all round support so that pupils can benefit from a strong academic curriculum.  Pupils will be able to study to GCSE level subjects such as foreign languages, history and geography alongside maths, English and science. Therefore, Brook Mead will very much adopt the ambition of the curriculum aim of all The Mead schools within the secondary phase of ensuring “access to the best which has been thought, said written and created in every field of human endeavour.” There will also be an emphasis on the arts and sports with an extended day, which enables pupils to develop their talents and all round character. Like Castle Mead and Rushey Mead, which have thriving orchestras, there will be opportunities for high quality music education. This will make for a broad, rich and deep education.

Overall, parents can rest assured that this new school in the city will be one where children are stretched, challenged and cherished.

If you would like more information about Brook Mead Academy or would like to register an interest, please visit or email [email protected].

21st July 2020