The Mead Educational Trust

Our Trust is currently made up of a family of seven schools based in Leicestershire. Each one of our schools is unique in that it reflects the pupils its local community.

Each of our schools has its own character and works with all schools in the Trust to share best practice, ensuring pupils have an exceptional educational journey.

Ultimately, we believe that any young person from any background deserves an equal chance to be successful in whatever they choose to do. We want to share our love of learning with these young people in order to open the doors to their futures and prepare them with the knowledge and confidence to thrive in a competitive world. We hope you enjoy exploring our site and are able to gain a flavour of our trust.

of the primary children across our Trust met the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths this year, compared to 68% last year
of the primary children across our Trust met the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths this year, compared to 68% last year
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Trust News

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NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 1M used paint to print the doubles of different amounts. #makinglinks #concentration #resourceful #charactermuscles 2 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 2W have been using dienes to help them solve addition and subtraction problems. #problemsolving #resourceful 2 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Nursery have used the compare bears to help them add two groups of numbers together. #reflective #resourceful 2 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Amazing work from 1HW. They have been learning a poem and learning to know it off by heart. Here they are practisin… 2 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 4T have been responding to their home reading with a variety of activities including wanted posters for characters… 2 hours ago
Rowlatts Hill P Acad @Rowlatts_TMET 🌟Fabulous concentration 2 hours ago
Rowlatts Hill P Acad @Rowlatts_TMET 🌟Well done Year 4 - measuring and getting some sunshine #vitaminD 2 hours ago
Thurnby Lodge @ThurnbyLodgePri Year Two have been holding a science experiment today. We wanted to see what happened to our bodies when we complet… 5 hours ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Some fantastic writing in the 🐝 class this morning. #proudteacher #resilience 6 hours ago
Knighton Fields @KnightonFldsPri Something exciting has arrived at Knighton Fields this afternoon! #snackshack #healthybreaktimes #4daystogo⏳🛠️ 6 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Mrs Mulla will be taking over as our Inclusion manager, in addition to her teaching role. #SENCo changes 6 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET We are pleased to announce that Mr Wharin and Mrs Willoughby are now Assistant Principals in addition to their teac… 6 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RT @Leicester_News: Road temperatures are expected to drop well below freezing again tonight, so we'll be out #gritting in #Leicester early… 7 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RT @LeicsSCITT: We are looking forward to meeting more potential primary school teachers at this event. If you can't make this one, check… 7 hours ago
Rowlatts Hill P Acad @Rowlatts_TMET Year 4 are working on area and perimeter. They are using trundle wheels to measure the football pitch, it is 70m!… 8 hours ago
Rowlatts Hill P Acad @Rowlatts_TMET Year 4 are taking a journey through some exciting stations on their way to Improved Work Lane #rhliteracy 10 hours ago
Rushey Mead Academy @rusheymeadnews RT @rusheymeadgeog: #GeographyCactus is hoping for snow. In the meantime he is very excited to get some new postcards. Thanks to Allesio. M… 11 hours ago
Knighton Fields @KnightonFldsPri Here are some of our Nursery children posting their letters yesterday! They were so excited to get writing and love… 11 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RT @TMETrust: Two of our academies - Rowlatts Hill Primary Academy and Northfield House Primary Academy - have been listed in the top 10 pr… 13 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Thank you to the parents who dropped in for coffee and to speak to Mrs Curran this morning. We are planning another… 1 day ago