The Mead Educational Trust

We are delighted to introduce you to The Mead Educational Trust (TMET).

Formed in 2014, TMET is a well-established, respected multi academy trust in Leicestershire, with a growing family of primary and secondary schools.

We exist to make a positive difference to the life chances of children and young people and to our wider community, and believe that any young person from any background deserves an equal chance to be successful in whatever they choose to do. We want to share our love of learning with these young people in order to open the doors to their futures and prepare them with the knowledge and confidence to thrive in a competitive world.


“TMET has a very strong educational and moral compass. They are absolutely child and people-centred.” Emma Merry, Principal of Kibworth Mead Academy

“I started as a learning mentor but knew I wanted to qualify as a teacher. Everyone has been brilliant. They helped me get to where I want to be.” Nitin Odedra, Music Teacher

“There are always teachers working across our schools to discuss good practice. Staff appreciate that.” Jenny Slinger, Principal of Knighton Mead Primary Academy

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Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad RT @TeacherSimo: When posed the question of what makes DT valuable in a curriculum. I couldn’t fit enough words in so I did it in pictures… 10 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 4S's #PSHCE & @votesforschools team book is getting fuller. They spent time this week being #reflective learners &… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 1N used their #concentration muscles in #computing today when using the 2Go tool to give simple instructions. 💙… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 1S used their #imagination muscles in their @votesforschools lesson whilst thinking about what it would be like to… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 2R have been developing their #oracy skills when debating whether they'd holiday in space. They were #makinglinks w… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 1N had a fun #science lesson today. They researched by collecting data on our class pets. They then used a tally ch… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET NL have been exploring patterns and colours in connection with our new story, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. 💙… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3HW have been busy writing the Hindu story of 'The God and The Wicked Witch' using their new knowledge of inverted… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET In #PE, RP have been learning different ways of moving together with a partner. 💙 #cooperation #tmet 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 3HW have been full of #enthusiasm in this week’s Daily Boost sessions. This young athlete has really #persevered wi… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET In #maths this morning, 2E have been using their #problemsolving muscles to equally share out sweets and write some… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET 5J are getting really good at learning their colours in #French and at saying these with the correct pronunciation!… 11 hours ago
NorthMead @NorthMead_TMET This child in 6M showed #creativity with her skipping today during Daily Boost. 😃💙 #tmet 11 hours ago
Knighton Mead Primary Academy @knightontmet RT @KeltonMckenzie1: Great teamwork, fitness abilities, fair play, encouragement and motivation with our year 4s on the after school BOXFIT… 11 hours ago
Castle Mead Academy @CastleMeadAcad @Dawnie_73 #GrowingACommunityOfExcellence 12 hours ago