The Mead Educational Trust, a multi academy trust based in Leicester, comprises secondary and primary academies joining together in a exciting partnership that is committed to providing its pupils with a world class educational experience.

As a multi academy trust, our academies are joined together as a single legal entity; The Mead Educational Trust. The Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee and has three layers of governance, the members and the Board of Trustees. Further details of the Trust’s governance structure can be found below.

The members of The Mead Educational Trust, akin to shareholders, are subscribers to the Trust’s memorandum of association. Members ensure that the Trust’s activities are properly directed to achieving its objectives and are responsible for appointing the Board of Trustees. Click here to meet the members.

The trustees of The Mead Educational Trust are responsible for conducting the affairs of the Trust to achieve the its objectives, shaping the success of the Trust.

The Board of Trustees delegate authority to board committees and to academy councils for the academies within the Trust. Click here to meet the trustees.

This committee provides assurance to the Trust Board over the sustainability of, and compliance with, the Trust’s financial systems and operational controls. The committee’s role is to maintain an oversight of the Trust’s funding, budgeting, expenditure and financial procedures.

This committee is responsible for the overall governance of key people initiatives that support the delivery of the TMET Strategy, through the monitoring of the People and Culture Strategic Priority and the associated implementation plan. The committee also acts as the Remuneration Committee once a year, supporting the Board in its responsibilities for ensuring the highest standards of governance in the remuneration of the CEO and senior Trust staff.

This committee provides assurance to the Trust Board on the standards, performance and safeguarding of all schools and education providers within TMET. The committee monitors and evaluates pupil progress and attainment and the quality of teaching, ensuring the Trust provides a consistently high quality learning experience and delivers a broad and balanced curriculum in keeping with the Trust’s aims and vision, all pupil needs and legal requirements.

This committee provides assurance to the Trust Board on the Trust’s financial, governance, risk management and internal control systems.

The Executive Team is the executive management arm of the Academy Trust, focusing on operations and the educational performance of the Academies.  The Executive Team work directly with the Academy Improvement Forum, staff in each Academy and the Academy Councils to ensure that the required outcomes are achieved in accordance with the direction and vision of the Trust Board. Click here to meet the team.

Each school has its own academy council which ensures that the school meets its educational vision and targets. The academy council powers and responsibilities are determined by the Scheme of Delegation and the Academy Council Constitution and Terms of Reference and may be reduced for a school causing concern. Click here for individual Academy Council information.