How far we’ve come

The Mead Educational Trust (TMET) was founded in 2014 to make our schools even better through working closely together. Fast forward 10 years later, TMET has done just that and more, growing to serve almost 10,000 children and young people across Leicester and Leicestershire. While the Mead family has grown, one thing remains unchanged – our mission – together we make a positive difference. 

Looking forward to the future…

In our tenth year, we are looking forward to the future and how TMET can make even more of a positive difference to Leicester and Leicestershire. We will achieve this through nine strategic goals across three strategic pillars:


TMET will be a group of schools, where all adults and children are constantly learning and developing. We will work in collaboration as one entity to innovate, improve and maintain high educational standards. TMET has a single legal and moral purpose – to advance education for the public benefit.

1.We will empower all learners to thrive in a dynamic and changing world by providing essential life skills, strong values, robust qualifications, and character attributes that open doors to a future of opportunity and choice.

2.Ensuring every learner can read, our curriculum will exemplify excellence in oracy, literacy, and numeracy. Grounded in expert teaching, it will integrate technological, practical, creative and academic skills.

3.Our learners will be confident advocates, engaging in the democratic process to make meaningful contributions, assured that their voices have the power to influence and innovate.


TMET will play a vital role in our communities. Like a university we will make a strategic contribution to the greater social good. We will help communities develop a better understanding of education and its role in regeneration. Working with partner organisations, we will take a leading role to transform our communities.

1.Our schools will be community learning and support hubs that improve access to learning and provide care for our families.

2.We will proactively forge connections with health services, the public sector, businesses and broader community partners to enhance the prospects for our youth and foster a strong sense of belonging.

3.We will offer year-round, inclusive access to our facilities for all young people and their families, extending beyond the school day.


TMET is a leader within our wider education community and with that comes responsibility. We will make decisions about how we grow collectively and responsibly, so that no school – and no child – is left behind. We will grow by design.

1.We will serve as an exemplary model of comprehensive education, driving  excellence in our sector through collaboration and partnership.

2.We will be dedicated to intentional growth as a Trust within Leicestershire. We will continue to value the unique character of each school, meeting the needs of all learners, from ages 3-18 and beyond.

3.Our growth will be guided by a commitment to environmental and economic sustainability, ensuring a lasting and positive impact on Leicestershire’s prosperity.